Know how you can earn rewards by sharing your opinion!

earn from opinion


  • Register on Opinion Now Panel by entering your details.
  • If you wish to redeem your rewards via Paytm, make sure you enter your mobile number while registering on the panel.
  • Once you register, you will receive an email to confirm the registration.
  • Click on the link inside the email and your account will be activated. (This step is important for you to start receiving surveys)
  • Once you have registered, you can download Opinion App from Android/iOS store. (link to download available on
  • Once you have installed the app use your registered email id to login to the app.

Complete your profile (to get surveys)

  • Once you have registered and activated your account, start building your profile.
  • You would see several categories, each containing a set of questions.
  • Answering them will help us match you with relevant surveys and increase your earning opportunities.
  • You can build your Profile at your convenience. You can choose to fill one category today and rest whenever you want. But make sure you keep updating it to get relevant surveys and increase your chance of earning.
  • You can download our Opinion App from Android/iOS store and update your profile on the go.

Answer surveys

  • Based on your profile we would invite you to take part in various surveys.
  • The invite would be sent to your registered email id and/or Opinion App (so make sure to download the app from Android/iOS store)
  • You can increase/decrease the number of surveys you wish to receive from your profile page.
  • The amount you get paid for each survey depends on the length of the survey.
  • You will be notified in the email how much time it would take for you to complete the survey and the amount you would receive for completing it.

** we recommend you to download the Opinion App (Android/iOS) to answer surveys on the go

** keep checking for survey on regular basis so that you don’t miss out on one

** keep your profile updated so that you get relevant surveys

Earn and redeem rewards

  • You can see your earnings in the profile section under “Rewards” tab.
  • Choose your preferred reward option from the list.
  • If you plan to redeem your rewards through Paytm make sure your mobile number is updated in your panel account.
  • You can accumulate as many reward points as you wish before redeeming them.
  • Your reward points never expire.
  • e-Gift voucher comes with one year expiry date.
  • Paytm cash can be transferred to your bank account, provided your KYC is updated.

That’s all folks!! Start sharing your opinion and get paid for it!

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