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Learn how to earn through online paid surveys

First of all – Be Genuine! Don’t create multiple accounts! Period.

To be able to successfully participate in our surveys it is important that you are honest.

Companies rely on your genuine opinion for their products & services helping them shape their future offerings.

They understand the significance of your time and effort, which is why they compensate you for your valuable contributions.

Now let’s understand the process to increase your chances to earn from online paid surveys using the opinion now panel –

      1. Fill out the registration form displayed on the homepage
      2. Kindly update your mobile number (without +91) while filling out the form
      3. After submitting, you will receive a verification email on your registered email id from Opinion Now/Cint
      4. Click on the verification link to activate your account
Answer Surveys
    1. Once you register and complete your profile you will start receiving online surveys as and when available
    2. To receive & answer surveys please download our app (only after registration) from the app store (Android & iOS).
    3. Keep in mind that all the surveys are linked to your profile. Any mismatch in data will lead to disqualification from the survey
    4. To receive more surveys, ensure that your profile is up to date. Try to update your profile every month
    5. On successfully completing a survey, the amount you have earned will be credited to your panel account
Earn Rewards
    1. Once you have earned enough money required for the claim, the corresponding rewards will be activated in your profile
    2. Before you redeem your rewards make sure your mobile number is updated in the system
    3. The rewards are divided in 2 categories
      1. Wallet Transfer (Paytm)
        • Make sure your mobile number is linked to your Paytm wallet
        • Your rewards will directly be credited in your wallet
      2. Voucher Code (Rewards other than Paytm)
        • Make sure your mobile number is updated in the system (as this may delay the payment process)
        • You will receive the voucher code on your registered mobile number via SMS from Xoxoday (our voucher delivery partner)
    4. You will receive your rewards within 7 working days from the time of redemption
        • Keep in mind that working days don’t include weekends & public holidays

In short, keep your profile up to date, follow the process and more importantly be genuine while answering surveys. This will boost your profile and you will receive more surveys and earn more rewards.