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Choose Your Rewards

Introducing a diverse range of rewards

Transfer your rewards via UPI

Instant Cash Delivered Straight to Your Pocket!

Redeem ₹100 via UPI with ₹112 or ₹500 with ₹525! Enjoy the convenience of seamless transactions, 24/7, directly to your preferred bank. Start earning and redeeming your rewards today!


Shop your heart out with Amazon Pay gift cards

Redeem Rs. 100 Amazon E-Gift Vouchers with just Rs. 112! Shop across diverse categories on Amazon using these versatile e-gift vouchers. Combine multiple vouchers or use them alongside other payment methods (except cash on delivery) for a seamless shopping experience.


Savor the Flavors with Zomato

Indulge in Culinary Delights: Redeem Rs. 100 Zomato E-Gift Vouchers with a Minimum Balance of Rs. 112! Use these vouchers to explore a wide range of restaurants, order your favorite cuisines, and enjoy scrumptious meals right at your doorstep, all through the convenient Zomato platform (except cash on delivery).


Indulge in Foodie Paradise with Swiggy

Enjoy Food Delivered to Your Doorstep: Redeem Rs. 100 Swiggy E-Gift Vouchers with just Rs. 112! These vouchers can be used to indulge in your favorite cuisines and make hassle-free purchases on the Swiggy platform (except cash on delivery).

claim your rewards via Xoxoday

Explore more with Xoxoday

Redeem ₹100 Xoxoday Card with just ₹112! This card allows you to choose from a wide range of E-Gift Cards. Indulge in your favorite brands, explore various gifting options, and enjoy a personalized shopping experience. Start earning and redeeming your Xoxoday rewards today!


Introducing a diverse range of rewards

Catch the Latest Flicks: Redeem Rs. 100 Bookmyshow E-Gift Vouchers with just Rs. 112! Get ready for an immersive movie experience with Bookmyshow, where you can use these vouchers to book tickets for your favorite films. Don't miss out on the entertainment – start redeeming your rewards today!